The Austrian IT company ECS Global GmbH has developed an international franchise concept which provides you with a cost- and time efficient approach to start your own data recovery business. With experience from setting up data recovery companies in Austria (Datenrettung Österreich), Germany (Datenrettung Deutschland), Spain (Recuperacion de Datos Espana) and branch offices in Netherlands and Tyrkey, ECS Global is sharing this knowledge with others wanting to start their own business. Thus, ECS has two franchises in operation in Switzerland (Datenrettung Schweiz) and France (Récupération de données France). Franchise opportunities are also available in more European countries.

“We know exactly how tough it is to start a data recovery business from scratch and have come up with ways to alleviate the start-up process”, says Thomas Rockenschaub, co-founder and Co-CEO at ECS Global GmbH.

ECS Global’s decision to franchise their business to pursue international expansion, is not moving the company into a different business model.

“We are not in the business of selling franchises, but in the business of franchising to grow the business”, says Can Sinirtas, ECS Global Co-CEO and head of Data Recovery Operations.

Don’t do it the hard way

Starting a full fledged data recovery business requires a facility with fully trained and certified personnel. Furthermore, to be able to handle a wide range of systems and hard drives it is a prerequisite to invest in expensive professional grade tools. Last, but not at least you will need to maintain a “clean room” to work on computer storage components, hard drives and other sensitive elements of physical data recovery. Thus, to be able to cover all the initial investments, and then maintain an adequately trained staff and a wide range of sophisticated technical equipment, requires a steady and formidable turnover.

“Our concept keeps the initial invest to a minimum, thereby lowering the capital requirements usually connected to this kind of business. With our concept we are able to do this without having to scale back on neither service quality nor profitability”, ensures Rockenschaub.

Do it the ECS Global way

Starting your business through a franchise is cost-efficient. Not only because it saves you time consuming research and planning, but it brings the investment requirements down to a manageable size.

“All ECS franchises are set up with a Start-up Package allowing for full operations from day one. In addition to all necessary training, you will also receive on-going technical and operational support, normally unavailable to independent businesses”, says Sinirtas.

Moreover, the ECS Global franchise concept has no hidden costs, but is offering a fixed price (franchise fee) start-up package and a turnover based royalty, giving you predictable variable franchise costs.

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